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Top Sheet - Embracing Comfort and Sustainability

Venus Glory distinguishes itself through its superior top sheet, setting it apart from other products that commonly use plastic. Opting for a pure cotton top sheet, Venus Glory revolutionizes your period experience, ensuring remarkable comfort and a rash-free encounter. This eco-conscious choice prioritizes both your skin’s well-being and the environment’s health.

The breathable cotton top sheet not only champions your comfort but also diminishes the likelihood of irritation and allergic reactions. Venus Glory napkins represent a premium option, delivering both comfort and an environmentally conscious period experience.

With Venus Glory, you’re not merely selecting a sanitary napkin; you’re advocating for your wellness and the planet. The cotton top sheet guarantees an experience that’s comfortable, rash-free, and eco-friendly. Join the community who recognize that Venus Glory embodies a distinctive fusion of comfort and sustainability in menstrual care.

Four Wings - Elevating Comfort and Leak Defense

Venus Glory sets a new standard in period comfort and protection with its unique “Four Wings” attribute. Unlike products featuring just two wings, this innovative design ensures heightened security and a tranquil state of mind.

The coordinated action of the four wings effectively secures the pad in place, eradicating worries about shifting or leaks. With Venus Glory, you can confidently proceed through your day, assured of complete protection. This exceptional security is a result of Venus Glory’s impeccable glue technology, ensuring a steadfast and dependable grip on your undergarments.

Venus Glory is committed to providing a hassle-free and reliable period experience. The “Four Wings” feature, coupled with the impeccable glue technology, underscores this dedication. By choosing Venus Glory, you’re not simply selecting a sanitary napkin; you’re opting for enhanced comfort and protection. Bid farewell to concerns about leaks and discomfort, and welcome a confident and carefree period experience with Venus Glory.

four wings

3D Lock - Pioneering Secure Fit and Ease

Venus Glory proudly presents its groundbreaking “3D Lock” feature, setting a fresh benchmark in secure and comfortable period protection. This innovative technology ensures the pad remains in place, preventing any risk of shrinking or folding.

A notable advantage of the “3D Lock” feature is the secure positioning of the wings, free from any inward folding. This visionary design reflects Venus Glory’s steadfast commitment to delivering a period experience that is not just hassle-free but also incredibly reliable.

By choosing Venus Glory, you’re not merely using a sanitary napkin; you’re embracing cutting-edge technology that guarantees a secure and comfortable fit. Bid farewell to concerns about pad movement or discomfort. Venus Glory’s “3D Lock” feature ensures your period remains carefree and comfortable, showcasing their dedication to redefining the standards in menstrual care.The “3D Lock” technology found in Venus Glory napkins ensures a secure and comfortable fit, preventing the pad from shrinking or folding. The wings remain in place without folding inward, reflecting Venus Glory’s commitment to a hassle-free and dependable period experience.

Ultra-Thin Design - Versatility and Reliable Confidence

Venus Glory pads are meticulously crafted for day-to-night adaptability, suitable for various environments, including professional settings. Our ultra-thin construction upholds unwavering reliability, fostering confidence and tranquility during your menstrual cycle. With outstanding comfort and discreet wear, these pads offer security in varied scenarios, empowering you to tackle your day with assurance.

Embrace your day with Venus Glory pads, ensuring dependable protection and subtle comfort whether you’re in a corporate meeting or unwinding at home. Feel secure and self-assured throughout your day, with Venus Glory supporting your confidence and comfort.



Size - Unrivaled Coverage and Assurance

Venus Glory napkins boast an extensive size of 335mm (13.19 inches), setting a new standard in coverage and protection. This substantial size offers exceptional coverage, ensuring utmost comfort and well-being throughout your period. The amplified length and broader design guarantee unparalleled protection and confidence, addressing the diverse needs of individuals.

The meticulous attention to detail in the engineering of these napkins reflects the brand’s dedication to surpassing mere functionality. By ensuring top-tier protection, comfort, and confidence, Venus Glory adapts seamlessly to various situations, providing an unparalleled sense of security. For those valuing both reliability and comfort during their menstrual cycle, Venus Glory stands as the preferred choice, surpassing expectations and delivering an exceptional period experience.

Quantity - Practicality and Assurance

Each Venus Glory napkin package comprises 6 pads, underlining practicality and convenience. This tailored quantity is thoughtfully designed to effectively meet your menstrual needs, ensuring you have an ample supply to manage your entire cycle without concerns about shortage. Venus Glory’s commitment to a convenient period experience is evident in this package size, guaranteeing your menstrual care without frequent restocking.

The 6-pad package signifies not just convenience but also an excellent value, striking a balance between adequacy and affordability. Venus Glory stands as a reliable choice for your menstrual needs, ensuring a seamless and well-cared-for period experience.


Smart Packaging - Convenience and Cleanliness

Venus Glory’s thoughtful packaging underscores the brand’s dedication to your convenience and hygiene. It’s crafted for easy, hassle-free unpacking, ensuring a clean and hygienic experience right from the moment you unseal it. This detailed design not only offers practicality but also instills mental reassurance by minimizing the risk of contamination.

Furthermore, Venus Glory’s packaging integrates measures for bacterial protection, enhancing the overall hygiene standard of the product. This extra layer of defense contributes to a sense of confidence and well-being during use.

Venus Glory goes beyond merely delivering high-quality sanitary napkins; it extends its dedication to a user-friendly packaging approach, enhancing your overall comfort and peace of mind. This commitment to hygiene and convenience emphasizes the brand’s goal to provide a comprehensive and stress-free menstrual experience.

Sidewall for Leak Prevention - Ensuring a Carefree Experience

Venus Glory’s incorporation of the leak-proof sidewall signifies the brand’s unwavering dedication to transforming your menstrual journey. Beyond its practical purpose, this design serves as a testament to the brand’s core mission: to not only guard against leaks but also to offer a sense of ease and assurance essential for an uninterrupted day.

This protective sidewall transcends being a mere feature; it embodies reliability, granting you the confidence to engage in daily activities without apprehension. Venus Glory’s commitment to innovative design and practical solutions empowers individuals to confidently embrace their routines, ensuring a period experience that isn’t just worry-free but also characterized by comfort and seamless continuity.

Airflow Back Sheet

Airflow Back Sheet - Enhanced Comfort and Hygiene

Venus Glory napkins feature an airflow back sheet, setting a new standard for comfort and freshness throughout your menstrual cycle. This carefully crafted feature facilitates optimal air circulation, avoiding the usual stuffiness commonly associated with other products. By promoting airflow, the back sheet not only maintains a dry feeling but also notably reduces discomfort and potential irritation, ensuring a more pleasant period experience.

Venus Glory’s commitment to employing breathable materials highlights their recognition of the importance of hygiene and comfort. Their focus on integrating features that enhance comfort and preserve freshness showcases a brand deeply dedicated to providing an exceptional period experience. Venus Glory’s ongoing commitment to prioritizing your comfort and well-being makes their products a dependable choice for a more comfortable and hygienic menstrual journey.

Absorption Power - Unmatched Capacity

Venus Glory napkins are designed with a remarkable absorbing capacity, incorporating state-of-the-art gel technology. This pioneering feature ensures exceptional absorption, keeping you dry and comfortable, particularly on heavy flow days. By combining innovation with cutting-edge technology, Venus Glory offers a reliable solution that ensures peace of mind and seamless protection throughout your period.

The integration of this advanced gel technology underscores Venus Glory’s commitment to providing superior solutions for your menstrual needs. The focus on reliable absorption and unparalleled comfort highlights the brand’s dedication to enhancing your period experience with dependable and hassle-free protection, ensuring confidence and comfort during menstruation.

Latest Anion Chip - Fostering Freshness and Wellness

Venus Glory napkins incorporate the latest anion chip, a pioneering advancement in menstrual hygiene. Anions, being negatively charged ions, offer numerous benefits. They assist in reducing odor, augmenting comfort, and contributing to overall well-being throughout your period. The integration of this state-of-the-art anion chip in Venus Glory products ensures an elevated level of freshness and protection. The anion chip diligently operates to neutralize odor, bestowing a profound sense of cleanliness and confidence.

This innovation stands as a testament to Venus Glory’s unwavering commitment to delivering inventive solutions for a more comfortable and hygienic period experience. The integration of the anion chip underscores the brand’s steadfast dedication to offering women a more confident, comfortable, and hygienic period journey through continuous innovation and purposeful design.

ISO Certified - Guarantor of Excellence and Safety

Venus Glory napkins proudly carry an ISO certification, a testament to their dedication to upholding exceptional quality and adhering to rigorous international safety benchmarks. This certification serves as a guarantee to consumers that Venus Glory products conform to established industry standards, assuring both safety and superior quality. Opting for Venus Glory assures you that you are using sanitary napkins that meet the most stringent global standards.

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